Towards automatic generation of domain-specific mathematical input support

Eric Andrès, Bastiaan Heeren, and Johan Jeuring

Providing input when solving a mathematical problem in a technology-enhanced learning system is often a challenging task for a learner. Input editors either provide clickable palettes to construct terms, or require knowledge of some linear syntax. To alleviate this problem, the learning environment ActiveMath was extended with a new interface supporting learners with providing a stepwise solution in the fraction domain. The interface allows learners to insert intermediate steps using pre-defined templates such as "The least common multiple of □ and □ is □", where a blank can be filled in using a dedicated simple input field. Developing similar interfaces for other mathematical domains is labor intensive and error prone. In this article, we investigate how the Ideas domain reasoners can be used to derive the necessary information for the automatic generation of such templates, by making the structure of domain rules explicit using OpenMath expressions.

In MathUI, OpenMath, PLMMS and ThEdu Workshops and Work in Progress at the Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics, 1010, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2013.
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