Teachers and Students in Charge

Alex Gerdes, Bastiaan Heeren, and Johan Jeuring

We are developing Ask-Elle, a programming tutor that supports students practising functional programming exercises in Haskell. Ask-Elle supports the stepwise construction of a program, can give hints and worked-out solutions at any time, and can check whether or not a student is developing a program similar to one of the model solutions for a problem. An important goal of Ask-Elle is to allow as much flexibility as possible for both teachers and students. A teacher can specify her own exercises by giving a set of model solutions for a problem. Based on these model solutions our tutor generates feedback. A teacher can adapt feedback by annotating model solutions. A student may use her own names for functions and variables, and may use different, but equivalent, language constructs. This paper shows how we track intermediate student steps in Ask-Elle and how we avoid the state space explosion we get when analysing intermediate, incomplete, student answers.

In 21st Century Learning for 21st Century Skills, volume 7563 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 383-388.
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