/ Bernard van Gastel


Currently I am working at the Computer Science Department of the Open University of the Netherlands, but I'm also affiliated with the Digital Security group of the Radboud University. My PhD thesis was titled `Assessing sustainability of software', which is a nice topic. Interests include energy analysis, privacy, correctness, optimizations/efficiency, programming languages and concurrency.


Scientific Publications

Book Contributions


At the moment I have one useful publicly available tool: SpinBatch, a batch tool to vary all kinds of parameters in Promela/Spin models and automatically run them.


I'm best reachable by mail. Snail mail can be addressed to:
Bernard van Gastel
School of Computer Science
PO Box 2960
6401DL Heerlen
The Netherlands
My office is located in Nijmegen, you can visit me at the following address:
Mecator 1, office M1-03.11
Toernooiveld 212
6525EC Nijmegen
The Netherlands
My office telephone is +31 24 36 52632.