My cities:          Yaroslavl,  Moscow, Russia;
                                 Delft, Eindhoven, the Netherlands;       
                                  Munich, Germany
Professional  interest:
Requirements engineering; Business Information systems,
Business Intelligence
; Software Evolution, Semantics of Modelling paradigms 

Honorary Fellow of Munich University of Applied Sciences  March-July 2011
Researcher, Lecturer- Open University of the Netherlands, 2005-now

97 scientific publications
7 developed university courses, exams, material for instructions, e-books,
Published teaching material in three languages: Russian, English, Dutch. 
Supervision of graduate students and groups.
International Reviewing PhD dissertations
Ella E. Roubtsova (redirect)
  Senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE
Honorary Fellow of Munich University of Applied Sciences
  ella.roubtsova at

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Research   Publications     Teaching Master and PhD students

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 Program Committee (Organizing Committee) member:

  Modeling and simulation
  - SA-TTA 2017- 2016; - BMSD 2017-2011;- CBI2016 ,- SOFTENG 2016
  - ASEG2016,- SIMULTECH 2017-2013, -BM-FA 2009- 2014

BM-FA newBook
  Aspect Oriented Modelling:ECMFA 2014 ECMFA  2013,
ABMB2006, ABMB2005 
    Parallel Computing Technologies  PACT'97, Yaroslavl, Russia 

Reviewer of the journals:
  Protocol Models
  Model of a Document Handling Process
  Model of Mobile Phone
  Model of Basis Health Insurance
  Model of KPIs of the program Improving Access to Psychological Therapies