The Text-deblur (zip, 601kb) Gimp plugin implements the algorithm by Pan et al (paper+matlab code) for text deblurring. It is based on the MatLab code by Pan et al, and plugs seamlessly into the open source and freely available GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP). The current version of the plugin was built for Linux. Windows users may experience some problems compiling the code.

Test suite

To facilitate comparisons between various image recovery tools, we have put together a test suite of 15 different source images, all of which have undergone 3 types of graphical operations (gaussian blur, pixelation and motion blur), each of which at 4 different settings. The full test suite (180 images, 71MB) is available for download.


The plugin makes use of the on the OpenCV library for various maths functions and the Log4C library for logging purposes. The plugin itself is released under the GPLv3.

The plugin was written in C and C++. A design document (DOCX) is available which describes the design in more detail.

Installation instructions

Documentation & test suite