Netherlands Educational Research Association


General information
The Netherlands Educational Research Association (NERA), or -in Dutch- Vereniging voor Onderwijs Research (VOR), is the official professional association for educational research in The Netherlands. NERA has also Dutch-speaking members from Belgium. The Association was founded in 1975 and, by now, has about 600 members. Most Dutch educational researchers are NERA members. In line with its intentions to provide an arena for discourse between experts from various educational disciplines, NERA has members with other professions in the field of education and training, like educational scientists, school counsellors, curriculum developers, test experts, educational policy makers, teachers, teacher trainers and vocational and professional trainers and consultants. Moreover, NERA has a network for educational researchers preparing for their PhD. Students and members of other related professional associations can have special NERA memberships. A General Board (consisting of 12 persons) which meets several times a year and reports once a year to a general meeting of members governs the Association. Members' subscriptions and income from conferences mainly fund the Association.


Aims of NERA
NERA aims to be the voice of educational research and educational researchers in The Netherlands, to take care of the interests of its members, the profession and the professional population, and to sustain and promote a vital research culture in education and training by:
  • fostering (the possibilities for) independent research committed to open inquiry and the improvement of education and training
  • stimulating the implementation of findings from educational research and theories on education and training through co-operation and discussion with policy makers, institutional managers, teachers and lecturers;
  • enhancing the quality of professional practice in the area of education and training by debating about the quality, purpose, content, and methodologies of educational research;
  • encouraging national and international contacts and scientific debate between educational professionals and research associations and with other researchers in the social sciences and related areas of work;
  • enhancing the position of the profession, the professional population and the training and education of educational researchers on a national (and also an international) level; and
  • enhancing professional service for and effective communication between its members through the NERA yearbook and the NERA website.


NERA divisions
All members are associated with one or more of nine NERA divisions, dealing with:
vocational education and training;
  • educational policy and organization
  • curriculum
  • learning and instruction
  • methodology and evaluation
  • education and society

The NERA divisions operate as active communities of educational researchers in their specific domains. Each division organises various activities for its members like thematic meetings, conferences and visits to companies or institutions. Some of the divisions have their own information bulletin. The divisions also play an important role during the annual NERA conference by organising symposia, paper sessions, forums, round table sessions, etc. 

PhD students
People who do a PhD research project in the field of education can join an interest group for PhD students. Several times a year activities are organized, and they have their own newsletter.

NERA conference
Each year NERA organises an annual conference (called Educational Research Days), in co-operation with the Flemish association of educational research (VFO). This conference is organised at a university in The Netherlands or Belgium. 

NERA journal
NERA and the Flemish association of educational research (VFO) together publish the scholarly journal ĎPedagogische StudiŽní (six issues per year).
In 2002, volume 79 is published.

NERA address
Dr. Jan van Driel
NERA Secretary
ICLON - Graduate School of Education
P.O. Box 9555 
NL - 2300 RB Leiden
The Netherlands

Tel: Int. + 31 - 71 - 527 4027
Fax: Int. + 31 - 71 - 527 5342