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Fine-grained Cognitive Assessment based on Free-form Input for Math Story Problems

Bastiaan Heeren, Johan Jeuring, Sergey Sosnovsky, Paul Drijvers, Peter Boon, Sietske Tacoma, Jesse Koops, Armin Weinberger, Brigitte Grugeon-Allys, Françoise Chenevotot-Quentin, Jorn van Wijk, and Ferdinand van Walree

We describe an approach to using ICT for assessing mathematics achievement of pupils using learning environments for mathematics. In particular, we look at fine-grained cognitive assessment of free-form answers to math story problems, which requires determining the steps a pupil takes towards a solution, together with the high-level solution approach used by the pupil. We recognise steps and solution approaches in free-form answers and use this information to update a user model of mathematical competencies. We use the user model to find out for which student competencies we need more evidence of mastery, and determine which next problem to offer to a pupil. We describe the results of our fine-grained cognitive assessment on a large dataset for one problem, and report the results of two pilot studies in different European countries.

In Proceedings of European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL) 2018, pages 262-276, 2018.

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