Finding literature

contact info

Dr. Ir. Hugo Jonker
Open Universiteit
Valkenburgerweg 177
6419 AT Heerlen
phone: +31 (0)45 576 2143
twitter: @hugojonker

How to find literature

  1. Search for key terms (e.g. on Google Scholar
    • Choose quickly: either a paper is clearly not relevant, or you will consider it later (based mostly on title)
    • Save every paper that may be related (as PDF)
  2. 2nd selection
    Go through the stack of papers quickly (checking title, abstract, perhaps conclusions). Toss out what is clearly not in line.
  3. Snowball
    Use the current stack of reasonably related papers to find more. There are three ways to "snowball" using a relevant article:
    • Check the citations of the article for things that sound related
    • Check the authors of the article (e.g. on their personal page, or on DBLP) - they may have done more research on this subject
    • Check the venue (conference/workshop/journal) where the article was published - perhaps this venue has more articles like this
  4. Repeat 2nd selection and snowballing
    • Work quickly towards gathering a large set of "sufficiently related" work
    • Print out the stack and go through it efficiently